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West Haven Considers Ordinance to Limit Sex Offenders Movements
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West Haven City Council held a public hearing last night to discuss the adoption of a new ordinance that would ban registered sex offenders from the town’s public beaches and parks.

The proposed ordinance would create new “child safety zones" throughout the city.  Registered s ex offenders would be fined $100 dollars if caught entering the zones.   Most residents at Monday night’s public hearing supported the idea.  Councilman at large John Coppola.  

"Sometimes you have to limit the rights of a few to protect the weak.  And that’s what we’re doing.  That’s what this ordinance would do, and that’s why I’d really like to see it passed."

But critics warn that the law may be unconstitutional.  Michael Hickey spoke out against the idea.

"You can’t hunt these people down and lock them up in their own homes. You’re not doing them justice. If they’ve served their time and they’re registered as a sex offender where they live, they’re abiding by the law. If you keep taking their freedom away from them, who’s gonna be next?"

The ordinance, modeled after similar laws in Danbury and Bristol is still under consideration. Over 400 municipalities nationwide have enacted similar restrictive ordinances.


even if this law is passed,

even if this law is passed, how are you going to know who a sex offender is until AFTER the do something bad? is it going to be like "the scarlet letter" and these turds will be branded with a big red S? and what will be next-malls, libraries, book stores? and to which sex offenders would this apply? there are some registered sex offenders that have been forced to register for statutory rape when, in fact, the offender may have been 17 and the "victim" two years his/her junior. while i see how the idea can be somewhat appealing, i just don't see it as being practical.

maybe they can implement some sort of license plate tag so that the true sexual predators will be spotted as soon as they enter an area where they are prohibited. then, too, it's not that simple either-what if they use someone else's car or some uses their car?