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Vonage Reaches Settlement With State Over 911 Service
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Internet phone service Vonage has agreed to pay Connecticut $70,000 in a dispute over 911 service for its subscribers.

The settlement relates to lawsuit filed by the Department of Consumer Protection almost three years ago.  Internet phone company Vonage was accused of failing to inform its users that there could be problems with 911 calls – some subscribers found that calls were delayed or failed to go through entirely.  Since the suit was filed, Vonage has upgraded its system to eliminate the problems with 911 service.  Now the company will pay the state 70 thousand dollars to settle the suit.  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal says his office will monitor the service for complaints.

"This agreement sets the bar, it establishes a standard that all telephonic services have to meet, whether its voice over the internet protocol or hard line, there must be full fast access to 911 service."

In the years since the Connecticut lawsuit was filed, Vonage has continued to face nationwide controversy over the reliability of its 911 service.