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Thompson Reuters Considers Layoffs
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News and financial data company Thomson Reuters is rumored to be mulling job cuts.  The company was formed in a merger last month.

Stamford based Thompson Corporation acquired London’s Reuter’s Group April 17th in a nearly $16 billion deal.  The combined company has a workforce of about 50 thousand, but there are numerous areas of overlap in the operations of the two partners.  Those include some news gathering operations as well as services that provide earnings estimates for publicly traded companies.  

The company itself hasn’t yet commented on possible job losses, but a source has told the Associated Press that Thomson Reuters will cut 15 hundred jobs, or about three percent of its workforce.  It’s thought the cuts will come before the end of the year, and will include some 140 editorial positions.  Thomson Reuters has said that it expects to realize annual cost savings of up to a billion dollars by the end of 2010 as it combines the two companies.