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Third man pleads guilty in steroid investigation
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A third man arrested as part of a Connecticut-led investigation into the illegal sale of steroids over the internet, pleaded guilty yesterday. He’s charged with distributing steroids through the social networking site, MySpace.com. WNPR’s Diane Orson reports.

36-year old Matthew Peltz of Chandler, Arizona pleaded guilty to purchasing raw steroid powder from China, manufacturing steroids at home and selling them around the country through a MySpace.com profile..and an online website. Peltz is one of four men charged this week with selling steroids through MySpace. Kevin O’Connor is US Attorney for the state of CT.

"I think its fair to say the vast majority of users of myspace tend to be minors. And while selling steroids over the internet is illegal no matter who the customer is, I think it takes on a different level of concern when the target audience might be a minor."

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has led nationwide efforts to protect minors from sexual predators with profiles on MySpace.

"This kind of evidence of illegality, whether its child predators, pornography or illegal drug sales demands that MySpace and other social networking sites recognize their responsibility to check age and identity."

Steroid abuse can damage the liver..affect long term sexual health and is especially dangerous for adolescents. For WNPR, I’m Diane Orson.