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Telecommuting: A Solution to High Travel Costs
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As gas prices continue to tick upwards, we’re all trying to think of ways to cut down on our travel costs.That might include car-pooling or taking the bus to work. But what if you didn’t have to move from your house in order to get your job done?

Telecommuting, perhaps the ultimate daily gas saver, is gaining traction in Connecticut. Telecommute Connecticut, the organization backed by the state Department of Transportation, says it’s seen a big surge in interest from both employers and employees since the beginning of the year.

As part of our periodic series about the shifting economy called “This Economic Life”, I spoke with Jean Taylor Stimolo, the program manager of Telecommute Connecticut.



Jean Taylor Stimolo, the program manager of Telecommute Connecticut, a service run by the state DoT.

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Wouldn't it make sense to do a telephone interview with the person representing an organization dedicated to telecommuting? How much gas did Ms. Stimolo use to drive to the station?

Leslie Brisman