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Technical School Students See CAPT Gains
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Tenth grade students in Connecticut’s technical high schools saw record-breaking improvements in their standardized test scores this year.

Connecticut’s technical high schools serve more than 10,000 students.  These are specialized schools, with curriculum that focuses on trades like plumbing, electrical, construction and culinary arts, as well as college preparation.  On this year’s Connecticut Academic Performance Test, tenth graders scored higher than the state average in math and writing and met the state average in science and reading.

Tom Murphy, spokesman for the State Dept of Education, says there have been major changes to curriculum,  and a stronger focus on helping teachers find ways to reach more students. He also points to a new program that brings trade and academic teachers together..

"So that students understand that when they’re studying carpentry they also need to learn geometry. And obviously with teenagers, relevance is the important thing. They understand why they need to learn this."

About 45% of graduates of technical high schools continue onto college.  About 50% go into the workforce or on to the military.