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Talks stall between Pfizer and Nigeria
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Pfizer is involved in several lawsuits in Nigeria over the drug experiment, carried out more than a decade ago. Pfizer used a group of 200 children in the northern Nigerian city of Kano to test an experimental antibiotic, during a meningitis epidemic. Nigerian authorities claim at least 11 children died and many others were left with permanent impairments as a result of the test. Pfizer has always maintained that the deaths and disabilities cannot be linked to its drug, but rather to the meningitis.

Nigeria’s federal government has been seeking seven billion dollars in damages – state authorities in Kano want two billion dollars. But a government lawyer said Tuesday that ou-of-court settlement talks have stalled, and accused Pfizer of trying to evade issues.

Pfizer has said it is willing to continue talks with the plaintiffs, saying it remains committed to dialogue conducive to an appropriate resolution. But a statement from the company added that unsubstantiated allegations coupled with exorbitant monetary demands will not lead to any resolution.