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State Takes 4,745 Dead Voters Off Rolls
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Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz: Photo by George GoodrichSecretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz: Photo by George Goodrich Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz says a review of the state's voter rolls shows no dead people are "voting'' in elections because of fraud.

The Secretary of the State did say an investigation found there are issues with how death information is tracked and passed along to local registrars who are responsible for accurate voter lists.
Bysiewicz says 4745 deceased names were removed from the voter rolls. She says some of the problems were caused by clerical errors.

"We are going to have election officials investigate, to the extent they can. We’re going to ask them to canvas. Then if there’s no response, from the canvas, there’s no information after that investigation then they can go on the inactive list. But I don’t think we’d want to put them on the inactive list without any investigation first."

The state's investigation will be finished before the November election.
The Secretary of the State's office began the query after UConn journalism students studied local voting records and found 8,558 dead voters on the voter rolls.
Bysiewicz says many of those names had already been removed from the active voting list, and 15 of the people were actually still alive.