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State Works with Utilities to Address Energy Needs
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An Electric MeterAn Electric MeterThe state’s energy advisors will hear a plan from the two utilities on meeting Connecticut’s power needs, and holding down prices.

The report, called an integrated resource plan, is the result of four months of study from consultants working with CL&P and UI to come up with a comprehensive way to provide for the state’s future energy needs. The report says that the high price of electricity will persist as long as Connecticut is largely dependent upon natural gas, and recommends that the state foster other sources of generation. It also wants to see a new discussion of renewable energy goals, saying the current thinking may result in extra costs without effectively promoting enough renewable generation. Other recommendations include aggressive conservation measures, and allowing utilities to alter the ways they procure power.

"We will work with the department, the Connecticut Energy Advisory Board, policy makers and everybody else to try and use this analysis to make informed decisions about how we can best move our state forward towards energy independence and create a stable environmentally friendly energy environment for our consumers," says CL&P spokesman David Radanovich.

The report will be presented to the Connecticut Energy Advisory Board Friday – the board will then make revisions and submit the plan to the state Department of Public Utility Control who will decide what to implement.