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State Schools get "C+"
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Connecticut has earned an overall grade of C-plus in “Education Week’s Quality Counts” annual public school report card.

States were graded in several categories , including k-12 achievement, finances, accountability, a child’s chance for success and this year’s special focus: teaching. The report looked at salaries, licensing requirements, whether states offer teachers incentives to work in hard-to-staff areas like math and science.. or to go to schools where they may be needed most. Executive project editor Lynn Olsen says teaching matters more to achievement than any other school-related factor.

"Particularly for states like CT that continue to see these big equity gaps in student achievement, the issue of getting talent and effective teachers in front of every child really needs to be front and center."

Olsen says qualified teachers are not evenly distributed across schools and districts. Poor and minority students are more likely to have less experienced teachers who may lack majors in the subjects that they teach.