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State Program Targets Pet Overpopulation
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Low income residents will be able to vaccinate and sterilize their pets with the help of a state program.

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture has expanded their Animal Population Control Program, or APCP. Program Director Frank Ribaudo says residents who meet one of six criteria will get vouchers for up to three pets per household. Ribaudo says previously, the program focused on animals in municipal shelters, but now is targeting household pets.

"They can afford to feed the pets, but maybe not always to sterilize that pet. So that's what we're trying to help these folks to do, is to prevent this overpopulation factor that contributes to a surplus pet population in Connecticut. "

Since APCP was created in 1995, the number of impounded pets has decreased by one third, and euthanasia by 50%. The program also deals with the overpopulation of feral cats - or non-domesticated cats. These cats are captured, sterilized, and then released. Starting next year, the state will spend $53,000 for the program.