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State officials bolster computer security
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Connecticut State Capitol: Photo By Chion WolfConnecticut State Capitol: Photo By Chion WolfState officials are to tighten computer security further by installing new encryption tools on mobile devices. The push follows the loss of a laptop containing the personal details of more than 100 thousand Connecticut taxpayers.

The Department of Information Technology has selected the encryption software that will be mandatory on all state laptops and mobile data storage devices. Officials say they’re now working on a plan to get the tool deployed to all state agencies as soon as possible. Rules have also changed for those using state-issued Blackberrys, they will be required to use passwords, and to change them frequently. Spokesman for Governor Jodi Rell, Adam Liegiot says the measures are a direct result of the theft of a state laptop, stolen from an employee’s car in New Jersey in August.

The laptop contained names and social security numbers of more than 100 thousand taxpayers. Recent legislative hearings revealed that the data had been on the computer for several months, and was not required for the task for which the laptop was taken off site.