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State Lawmakers Want to Ban the Sale of Recalled Toys
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Democratic lawmakers announced on Thursday that they’ll propose legislation to ban the sale of recalled toys in Connecticut. The Children’s Product Safety Act would do two things: require Connecticut stores to pull dangerous or recalled children’s products off their shelves; and report how the products are disposed of. Lawmakers want to be sure unsafe toys aren’t donated to child care centers or re-sold on E-Bay.

Senate President Don Williams. " When people hear stories about dangerous toys or some of the toys from China with lead paint, I think they assume that somebody is watching out for their interest, making sure that these are removed and disposed of properly. I think what folks should realize is that that’s not the case"

There’s currently no law requiring Connecticut manufacturers to pull recalled toys from store shelves. In 2007, the Consumer Product Safety Council recalled 111 products containing lead. That involved about 17 million individual items nationwide.