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State Congressmen Push For Better Body Armor Testing
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Interceptro Body Armor.: Photo Courtesy of the U.S. ArmyInterceptor Body Armor.: Photo Courtesy of the U.S. ArmyCongressman Joe Courtney is sponsoring a bill to better protect U.S. ground forces.

Congressman Courtney's proposal, called the Protect Act, would bring body armor testing procedures under the single authority of the Director of Operational Testing and Evaluation, or DOT&E.

The agency was created in 1983 by Congress to have weapon systems evaluated by an organization separate from service branches. Courtney's bill is in response to media reports that raised questions about the integrity of testing procedures. He says the strong credibility of the DOT&E would benefit the military.

"Our legislation is really saying that what we want to do is not put the army in the position of being both the judge and jury and the customer of the selection process that we should allow the DOT&E office to really be the one that is ultimately in charge of conducting the process so that there is no question that the public might have about the system being neutral."

Courtney says the DOT&E will accommodate the request without increasing their budget.

The bill has a dozen co-sponsors, including Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro and Congressmen Chris Murphy and John Larson.