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State Commission presents DOT findings
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A commission charged with seeking ways to reform Connecticut’s Department of Transportation is due to present its findings today.

Governor Jodi Rell appointed the commission earlier this year, under the chairmanship of Michael Critelli, the CEO of Pitney Bowes. The DOT has spawned numerous scandals in recent years, and been criticized for a lack of direction in improving the state’s transportation infrastructure. The commission is expected to recommend sweeping changes to the way the department is run. The group has issued some working drafts of its conclusions that give some guidance about the way the changes could trend. Among them are new ideas about the leadership of the DOT, creating a non-political management under the commissioner that could provide some continuity during changes of administration. The Department is currently searching for a new commissioner after the retirement of Ralph Carpenter – the appointment of an interim commissioner marks the department’s fourth leader in the last five years. The DOT has also come under fire for its focus on highways, and relative neglect of mass transit alternatives. The commission charged with its reform is believed to be going to recommend that DOT remain in charge of mass transit like commuter rail, a decision that has disappointed some advocates.