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Senate Republicans Oppose Democrats' Budget Tax Proposal
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Senate Minority Leader John McKinneySenate Minority Leader John McKinneyLast week, State Democrats proposed an eighteen point four billion dollar budget, which includes a new six percent Delivery Services Sales tax. The tax would apply to the delivery charges of all goods transported in Connecticut including documents, products and groceries.

Democrats say the additional money would provide aid to cities and towns.

Senate Minority Leader John McKinney criticizes the tax proposal because it would hurt businesses.

"We’re in tough economic times, and we are fundamentally opposed to increasing taxes on businesses and people in the State of Connecticut… right now. We are loosing businesses, Connecticut economy is slowing, and increasing taxes is the wrong direction."

Derek Slap, spokesman for the Senate democrats says Senate president pro tem Donald Williams is doubtful the proposal will go forward. Williams has serious concerns about going forward with the tax because there are many questions that need to be answered by the legislature's finance committee.