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Sacred Heart University to offer Free Tuition to Select Students
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Sacred Heart University has announced a new policy offering free tuition for select students. Students from Fairfield county high schools with family incomes below $50,000 will receive a tuition-free education at Sacred Heart University beginning next academic year.

Julie Savino, Dean of University Financial Assistance says Sacred Heart wants to insure that students in the region have access to quality education. "We’re also concerned that our students be able to leave with not a significant amount of debt and that they’ll be able to contribute back to the communities in which they live".

Full-time tuition at Sacred Heart is just under $27,000 a year. In March, Fairfield University announced a similar program for students from Bridgeport schools.

Congress has been pressuring universities to control skyrocketing tuition costs and spend more of their growing endowments on aid for needy families. Many of the nation’s elite colleges and universities have announced sweeping financial assistance programs in recent months. Yale University has announced that it will cut the average cost of tuition by up to 50% for some students. And beginning in September 2008, families earning less than $60,000 will not have to to pay anything toward a student’s education at Yale.