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RJ Reynolds suspends advertisement
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R.J. Reynolds Tobacco has agreed to suspend one of its advertisements after several states including Connecticut sued the company earlier this month saying the ad violated a nine-year-old ban on the use of cartoons in cigarette advertising.

State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal says R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (RJR) suspended an advertising campaign that appeared in Rolling Stone magazine, jointly promoting Camel cigarettes and Indie Rock music.

Blumenthal says the use of cartoons and brand name merchandise in tobacco promotions target youth and blatantly violates the tobacco Consent Decree and Master Settlement Agreement.

The suspension of the ad campaign will continue while RJ Reynolds and the state attempt to resolve the legal dispute.

Blumenthal and attorneys general across the nation have pursued the tobacco company for similar illegal marketing and promotions since the Master Settlement Agreement was signed in November 1998. Those campaigns included Camel Flavored Cigarettes, Camel Wide Tattoo packs, Camel No. 9, and KoolMixx cigarettes.