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Remembering Soccer Gold at the '96 Olympics
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Wethersfield's own Tony DiCicco: Photo Courtesy of the US Soccer FederationWethersfield's own Tony DiCicco: Photos Courtesy of the US Soccer FederationRay Hardman's series of Olympic Conversations continues today with a memory of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Because of their performances in the Olympics, some athletes not only become lasting household names, but iconic figures in their sport, names like Nadia Comaneche, Bruce Jenner, and Jackie Joyner Kersee. In the 1996 games, the name of soccer player Mia Hamm joined those ranks after the US Women’s Soccer team defeated China in the final game to take home the gold.

The coach for that team was Wethersfield Connecticut’s own Tony DiCicco. A few weeks back Ray talked with DiCicco at the Farmington Sports arena where the coach was overseeing the SoccerPlus soccer camps. He asked DiCicco about his recollections of the ’96 Olympics:

You can see Ray Hardman's full interview with Tony DiCicco on CPTV's Front & Center with Ray Hardman.

Learn more about Tony DiCicco at the US Soccer Federation web site.