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The Pride of Connecticut



UConn (Blue) Pep Band performing at the XL Center image by the CPBN Media LabThey are the spirit of Connecticut, the University of Connecticut Marching Band (UCMB} and Pep Bands. At well over 300 members, it is the largest student organization on campus. The UCMB features a diverse population that encompasses nearly every major on campus, from the expected, music or music education, to the unexpected, like molecular cell biology.

The three Varsity Basketball Pep Bands, Blue, White, and Husky, are made up primarily of members from the UCMB. The objective of the Varsity Bands is to provide entertainment and team support at all UConn home basketball games, both at Gampel Pavillion on the Storrs Campus and at the XL Center in Hartford. The bands also provide entertainment, as needed from various campus and alumni groups in and around the University.

The Blue and White Varsity Pep Bands travel to post-season NCAA Tournaments involving their respective teams. Past trips have included Seattle, Miami, San Antonio, Phoenix, Washington D. C., and Philadelphia, for Men’s Band, as well as the yearly Big East Tournament in New York City. The Women’s Band performs for the Women’s Big East Tournament, which is held in different cities each year. Post Season travel has included trips to Philadelphia, San Antonio, Kansas City, New Orleans, and Fresno.

The Husky Band performs at both Men’s and Women’s games at Gampel and the XL Center and its members may serve as alternates in either the Blue or White Band.

In this CPBN Media Lab web original, we bring you behind the scenes and in the stands during the UConn Women's Senior night game, February 28th at the XL Center.

You'll never hear the games the same way again.

The following members of the Blue band and Husky band are seniors who were photographed (and heard!) in this video. 

Senior Members of the Blue Band: 

Will Ader, Brian Behrens, Jon Firman, Eric Forta, Tim Fortin, Drew Groves, Matt Gworek, Mallory Legman, Siggi Masson, Kate McDowall, Jim Moriarty, Noah Parker, Meghan Qualey, Eddie Sarisley, Karl Schwirz 

Senior Members of the Husky Band:

Jesse Duguay, Greg Newell, Andrew Thompson




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