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A CPBN Media Lab Production

Email your story ideas to  videoreporter@cptv.org
- CPBN Media Lab


Your Passion, Our Mission.


Throughout the history of Connecticut Public Broadcasting, we have been telling the stories of our state and of our region.  We have explored many hidden treasures existing in small towns around the state, provided expert analysis of and access to news and current events, and examined many vitally important issues of the day.  Through our efforts, we have recorded historically important events in the region and have preserved these stories for future generations.


But we're just getting started. The next stories we tell will be yours. 


In the past, our production process has been largely inaccessible to you, our members. This, however, is all about to change.  Starting right now, we have the opportunity to test a new production model.  Your participation in this experiment will help shape our future; it will help us discover your interests, your values, your passion.  Through the latest efforts of the Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network's Media Lab, we will be handing you the reigns.


What is the Media Lab?

CPBN's Media Lab provides a free, structured curriculum of video and web production training to qualified applicants.  Recent Media Lab members have come to us from Smith, Amherst, UConn, Trinity, Quinnipiac, the University of Rhode Island and the University of Hartford.


So far, the web stories our members have produced include:

  • Foul Play, a five-part series on the use of metal bats in Little League baseball
  • Youth Vote, a three-part series on the history, facts and the promise of young voters participating in the democratic process
  • Working in Paradise, the story of a naturalist in Bonaire
  • America is…, an exploration of Turkish attitudes toward the American presidential candidates
  • Human Cloning, a report detailing the complex medical and ethical issues
  • Ishmael Beah, a story about a former child soldier from Africa


So what's the plan?

We're counting on your passion.  We want to tell your story—focus on something that is really important to you.  To accomplish this goal, we need your help.  First, you need to tell us what moves or interests you; submit your story idea or topic suggestion through cpbn.org.  From your suggestions, we will then post potential story topics on the program page.  And then, it is completely up to you.


What do we need to “green light” a story?

We're aiming high, because we believe that you value our role as storyteller. You have come to expect quality from us, and these productions must deliver on those expectations.  In short, we're looking to cover our costs through individual donations—to produce a story, we will need to raise approximately $1000.  All phases of the production, including research, planning, shooting and editing for the project will commence when we reach our $1,000 goal. Once completed, the stories will be hosted on cpbn.org and we will provide you with the means to distribute the content around the web. Keep in mind that every donation, no matter how small, will get us closer to telling that story.


How can you make a difference?

You can help fund the story of your choice through the Chipin.com “widgets” located on our page.  Chipin.com is a free web service that collects the contributions through PayPal, shows how much money has been raised and lists the deadline for that project.


Can you make a difference without donating funds?
Absolutely.  Our Chipin.com widgets can be embedded into blogs, web pages and other popular services like FaceBook, MySpace, Typepad and Netvibes by simply pasting a few lines of HTML code in the page.  By sharing the widget for the story of your choice with your online communities, you will spread the word and attract more potential supporters who can help get our cameras rolling.  Even if you don't know the first thing about widgets, realize that stories you find interesting are likely topics that your friends, relatives and co-workers would also like to see told.  Tell them about this program and send them to our website.


We are very excited about this next chapter in Connecticut Public Broadcasting's history and are eager to get started working on your stories.  What story will we tell tomorrow?  Now you get to choose.


Email your story ideas to us at videoreporter@cptv.org


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