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The Kills: Oozing Attitude and Tension
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Midnight Boom


The Kills (300)

courtesy of the artist

The Kills.

Set List

  • "Last Day of Magic"
  • "Sour Cherry"
  • "Cheap and Cheerful"
  • "Goodnight Bad Morning"

World Cafe, On The Kills' third full-length album, Midnight Boom, the band fleshes out its garage-punk sound, in the process revealing a seemingly newfound interest in having fun. With a provocative delivery that oozes attitude and tension, the duo adds an element of danger, crafting an album that feels rough, raw, and undeniably hip. Here, The Kills' members perform songs from the new album in a session with David Dye.

After the break-up of the punk band Discount in 2000, Alison "VV" Mosshart heard British guitarist Jamie "Hotel" Hince practicing in a hotel. They began airmailing work tapes back and forth across the Atlantic, but soon realized that a long-distance collaboration was too taxing. Mosshart moved from her hometown in Florida to London and formed The Kills. On Midnight Boom, the duo mixes in an impressive assortment of electronic beats and pop hooks.

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