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Just an 'Arm's' Length Away


Islands: Just an 'Arm's' Length Away

Islands 300

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Set List

  • "The Arm"
  • "Pieces Of You"
  • "Creeper"

World Cafe, June 19, 2008 - The Montreal-based indie-pop band Islands won a substantial audience with its 2006 debut, Return to the Sea. After a two-year hiatus, the group returned in May with its second album, Arm's Way. The disc nicely demonstrates Islands' talent for inventively combining menacing lyrics with vivacious rock 'n' roll, crafty guitar work, and enthusiastic delivery. Host David Dye welcomes the band to WXPN's World Cafe.

Noticeably macabre, Arm's Way has a darker lyrical and sonic quality than found on Islands' previous album, borrowing from styles as diverse as prog-rock, punk, and glam. Despite the forboding tone, catchy pop phrases draw listeners in and keep the proceedings warm and inviting.

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