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Chris Walla: On Death Cab for Cutie
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The band's new album is Narrow Stairs


Death Cab for Cutie (300)

courtesy of the artist

Death Cab for Cutie.

Song List

  • "I Will Possess Your Heart"
  • "Grapevine Fires"
  • "Talking Bird"

World Cafe, May 21, 2008 - The guitarist for Death Cab For Cutie, Chris Walla produced the band's new album, Narrow Stairs, and talks about that process in an interview with World Cafe host David Dye.

Somewhat darker than its predecessors, Narrow Stairs infuses the band's punchy, sentimental rock with additional atmosphere and experimentation. The eight-minute single "I Will Possess Your Heart" has quickly become a World Cafe favorite.

Described as "louder and more dissonant" by Walla, Narrow Stairs showcases a new sound for the band. Having recently released his first solo album, Field Manual, Walla was interested in exploring the differences between a solo and group project. Narrow Stairs is the product of this exploration, with all but two of its songs recorded live.

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