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WNPR's Health Equity Project
A new initiative to increase awareness about advancing health equity in Connecticut.
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About WNPR's Health Equity Project

In 2008, the Connecticut Department of Public Health completed a 2-year project that clearly documents the scope of racial and ethnic health disparities in Connecticut and provides insight into the causes of these disparities. While there is no particular data or research indicating the level of awareness that a typical Connecticut resident has about these health disparities, it is clear that Connecticut faces a significant challenge and that more needs to be done to put a spotlight on this problem.

WNPR's Health Equity Project (HEP) strives to create awareness and advance Health Equity among Connecticut residents, businesses, the educational community, the health care sector, community leaders, and policymakers around the issue of the health disparities that exist in our state.

As the only statewide public radio station, WNPR has the flexibility and resources to educate Connecticut residents through in-depth Health Equity reports, hour-long programs, and community events. 

Listen for HEP reports weekdays during Morning Edition and All Things Considered and during special programming on Where We Live.