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Curing The Planet of its Environmental Problems
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In this episode:


Sustainability takes a look at things being done to fix the environment.





Everyone talks about how we need to cure the planet of its environmental problems, but the calls are generally amorphous, rather than specific.  Sustainability takes a look at things being done -- on a large scale and a small scale -- to actually address some of the biggest problems we have.  Sustainability is the second in the Global Challenges series from WFYI and Purdue University College of Engineering. Hosted by Barbara Bogaev, and produced by Richard Paul, Sustainability will tell you about:






people working on sidewalks that will suck CO2 out of the air


a professor at MIT who has invented a solar cell that works at night and when it's raining


a company in California that captures CO2 coming out of power plants before the CO2 ever hits the air and seals it away so that it never gets into the atmosphere


a process in Indiana to take municipal solid waste -- garbage -- and turn it into ethanol


New York City sanitation engineers have cleaned up the dead zones in the East River using a process they invented that could revive oceans and rivers all over the world


We also go to a suburb in Pennsylvania where the houses use 300 Kilowatt/hours of electricity rather than the 1,600 that you use; AND they use 15 gallons of water a day instead of the 75 gallons you use.  Plus, we talk with a scientist who's figured out how to get an entire downtown to turn down their thermostats all at once. 




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