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WWL: Revisiting New London
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Where We Live returns to talk about "The Creative Economy"


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We’ve been talking about how a "Creative Economy" can be the key to revitalizing Connecticut's cities. New London is leading the way, with a bustling, creative arts scene. It's part of a grass-roots effort to remake the city's identity.

Today, we’re live at the Hygienic on Bank Street – it’s become a center for this transformation that’s stretched beyond the arts.

We’re also here to consider what's changed in the city since our last town hall meeting here, and discuss the impact of Pfizer's decision to leave its new research facility.

Is this the end of the "big bang" redevelopment project? Can New Londoners reshape their city as a creative center of Southeast Connecticut - one storefront at a time?


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The Things Hygienic Art Inc dosen't want you to know!

Some of the things Hygienic Art Inc.dosen't want the public to know ...

  1.  An active boardmember had a blog on the hygienic website for 3 months, in which he describes Marc Chagall & Milton Glasier as "Jew artists".  This was defended by other boardmembers as "freedom of speech"!

 2. That there was a case of sexual harrassment filed against the president V.Scarano & treasurer J.Stidfole of Hygienic Art Inc. (CHRO Case# 0740337). (settled out of court)

  3.  Multiple Dept.of Labor Law violations. (6) involving the same parties. monies paid = $3700.

 4.  a artpiece that satirized the sexual harrassment , was documented and witnessed as entered into the infamous"uncensored" annual hygienic (29th.) show. mysteriously disappeared when the gallery was closed for "cleaning"!

 5. As both ex-vice-president and original incorporating officer I can personally attest to the above, (also utilizing the F.O.I. act). and also being threatened with arrest TWICE by Mr. Scarano (hyg. pres.), once at a board meeting because I notified some of hygienic arts finiancial supporters concerning the boards apathy and the anti-semetic blog.

  6. I have also been censored (suspended for 2 weeks) from WCNI- Ct. College Community Radio for bringing these shameful facts to the publics attention. I have been a radio dj on/off for over 25 years.

  7. A performance piece involving my recent hygienic 31st entry is on You-Tube. entitled"HYPOCRISY at the Hygienic Revealed- A performance piece" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baybrOVHMso    


                     Gregg Grippo

                     Norwich, Ct 06360-3720




Great show on New London! I wish you had given Penny Parsekian more time. Incredibly intelligent, articulate woman, yet the air time was primarily given to men. Otherwise a great show.

Women Only

If you want to speak, raise your hand. The predominance of men on the program was not intentional, I'm sure. Everyone there and those listening had a chance to step up to the mike.