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New England's Rising Star?


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One of America’s oldest cities. The oldest continuously published newspaper. The oldest public art museum. The city of Hartford is wrapped in history. But what about it's future?

Since its first settlement by Dutch colonists in the early 1600s, Hartford has been a place of commerce and invention…art and literature…a center for abolitionists and insurers…bisected by a highway and  by battles over race and class…a city that suburban office workers see by day, but not often by night…the butt of jokes and jibes…New England’s “Rising Star” – or so went the ad campaign.

Hartford is neighborhoods, alive with language and cultures from around the world…but crushed by poverty. Hartford is Puerto Rican, African American, and West Indian. It is populated by people who care about the place they live – who wonder if it can be the place they want it to be.

Today, Where We Live, live from Real Art Ways in Hartford, a conversation about our capitol city – where it’s been, where it is, where it’s going.


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The Heart of the New Hartford

When the renovated G. Fox Building opened in 2002, I started coming here to work at Capital Community Colege. Even back when the lobby was full of empty storefronts and construction dust, I thought that this project was a great idea. Seven years later, I look around and think about how lucky I have been to be able to spend time in this fantastic environment. I often wonder why the college and the building haven't received more recognition, for together they seem to me a beacon of urban revitalization and a model for cities around the country to emulate. Everyone within driving distance should come and check it out when they have the chance, and leave time to look at the rest of downtown Hartford while they're at it.