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WWL: Youth Violence
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Every summer, Hartford is rocked by gun violence.


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Every summer, Connecticut is rocked by gun violence. Every year, a new call for calm…and a new crackdown.

Since the beginning of summer, a 19 year old has been charged with murder in East Hartford, two teens were killed in Hartford while riding scooters, and just this past week a group of teens is accused of violently assaulting a man in New Britain.

Today, Where We Live - we’re going to talk about the problem of youth violence in our cities – and how to break the cycle.  

We’ll hear from an expert on youth violence, a former gang member who now works on the ground in Hartford, and a New Haven officer who works on “Youth Policing.”

What’s at the root of this violence – and how much of it is gang related?  We want to hear from you.  How do you think we can stop the problem?  Do you have any solutions?

The mission of the Peacebuilders Initiative is to increase the peace on Hartford streets by mediating individual and group conflicts and linking youth who are immersed in violence to resources and supports that lead them to a more positive lifestyle. For more information, Contact Iran Nazario 860-296-2855

*Todays program originally aired on March 27, 2009

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Youth Violence

 An excellent program.  It would be nice to hear and see more publicity surrounding this very important issue Let's keep the conversation going and hope we can do more each day to help the kids in our community face a brighter tomorrow.  Peace!

Listener Email from Pat

We have to rediscover the power of good neighborhoods to provide a good place for kids who come from homes with tough stuff going on. Building relationships among neighbors is basic. Having neighbors who pay attention to the kids in the neighborhoods from an early age is a powerful thing to do. Making sure that kids have safe places---including the kitchen of the next door neighbor---to go is very important. The cost of all the magnet schools is that the schools, that used to be an anchor in the neighborhood, are not that anymore. Put all the services you like into a neighborhood. If the adults in the service programs and schools are a changing cast of characters, and the neighborhood is a place where people don't know each other, and where there is no sense of neighborhood, it is shoveling against the tide. There are plenty of good people in every neighborhood. Everything possible needs to be done to make neighborhoods a focal point in the way cities are run. If services and policies are all done in a way that enhances, rather than undermines neighborhoods, we are then moving in the right direction.

Youth Violence

In this day and age we desperately need adults to step forward and become involved in the lives of youth. Discipline and the proper life skills teaching have been lost in our communities. No one considers youth violence their problem until it lands on your front porch. Prison sentences are not the only solution. Be involved, step in, call for help, care for your community, take time for your own children and commit to helping others. This has to become part of the fabric that makes up your community. Stand firm, Be peaceful and help protect our future. Think about it this way... If it were your son or daughter,, What would you do to save their lives? This is a life and death situation and we must deal with it to save lives or else we will contribute to death. Peace

I agree with you ......

There are so many factors that influence the lives of your youth but certainly parents need to take the bull by the horns and do whatever is necessary to ensure the safety of their children. 

Parents must get involved with their children and not just as teens but from early on. Parents need to be active participants in their schools and in their community. Parents have to get involved with their kids; there is nothing more important than that. They need to stay in tune with their children, find out about their interests, whether is sports, the arts, science, whatever the case may be and take it from there. 

Nowadays there are programs to keep our children off the streets and parents need to take advantage of that. Parents need to be there for their children, to advocate for them and stop looking around for someone else to do it.  

Parents take control of your children and remember it takes village to raise a child so we all have to look out for all children.

Peace and love, Mari