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WWL: A Year of President Obama
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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"I voted for change.  Where's the change?"  -caller, George


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President Barack Obama was sworn into office one year ago today.

On January 20th, 2009 Obama enjoyed approval ratings as high as 70%. Today, only 45% of Americans think his first year was a success. If the election in Massachusetts yesterday can be seen as a referendum on Obama's first year and the Democrats' hegemony in Washington, Scott Brown's victory for the Republicans could be a hint of what's to come in year two of the Obama presidency.

Today, Where We Live, a look back at Obama's first year in office. Health care. Foreign policy. The Economy. What do you think? Did President Obama try to do too much? Not enough? Are you surprised by his leadership or do you think he’s doing pretty much what he said he'd do?

Leave your questions and comments below.

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My problem with this discussion, is that those who are disappointed with what Mr. Obama has not done, seem to think that

to feel they elected a benevolent dictator rather than a president.