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Are your cubicle days coming to an end?


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In March 2008, more than 600,000 self-employed workers across the country labeled themselves as working "part time for economic reasons." A year later, that number has reached 1.1 million. The recession is shaking up the workplace - pushing more workers to consider self-employment, both out of desire and necessity. How are freelancers coping in this economy? Is the promise of a free agent economy losing its luster? Does the unemployment safety net need to expand as the way we work changes? 

Join the conversation. How will the workplace transition out of these bad economic times?   

Daniel Pink will be speaking at the Rocky Hill Marriott on October 2, 2009.  For tickets and other information on his talk Living on the Right Side of the Brain - click here.  

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Listener Email from Michal

I started working as a freelancer right before the economy started to go down.  What is even more unlucky is the fact that I cater  to car dealerships, I  make TV commercials to the auto industry.  Work is slow but I would not trade it in for a 9 to 5.
Self employment is a lifestyle that is priceless.

New Haven CT