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WWL: Waterbury Mayor Michael Jarjura
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Continuing our "State of the Cities" series


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Inscribed in marble at the City Hall entrance is the motto—What's more lasting than brass? And in a way—it’s the question Waterbury tries to answer every day. Once the brassware production capitol of the world, Waterbury Connecticut is a city working to redefine itself. With the last mills closed now for decades, Waterbury is trying to find new ways to use its strategic location along I-84 and the Naugutuck River to revitalize life in Connecticut's 5th largest city.

Mayor Mike Jarjura took office in 2001 in the wake of a long string of political corruption scandals that left the city in dire financial straights. The situation in Waterbury has stabilized somewhat—but what's next? Coming up, Where We Live, Jarjura joins us to talk about the city he loves—the city John Rowland once called “the center of the universe.”

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