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WWL: Vivian Schiller on NPR
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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What is the future of National Public Radio?


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New President Vivian Schiller comes to NPR at an important time in the history of NPR – and the media as a whole.

Coming from the New York Times online division, Schiller has said that she wants to overhaul NPR’s web service – saying it’s one of the most important things the network can do.

It’s also a time of good and bad news for NPR. The good: Audience for Morning Edition and All things Considered hit record highs last year during the presidential campaign. The bad: A deficit of $8 million dollars has meant the loss of jobs and programs, and could mean more.

Today, Where We Live, a chance for you to ask questions of Vivian Schiller about her vision for the organization, the future of NPR, and the role of public media as the newspaper industry contracts.

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