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WWL: Unemployment Fund Runs Dry
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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In October, Connecticut's unemployment insurance fund ran out of money


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In October, Connecticut's unemployment insurance fund ran out of money.  The state has already borrowed $80 million to make up for the shortfall, and these loans will increase to 260 million by the end of the year.  Connecticut is not alone.  Twenty-five other states have also drained their unemployment funds and are borrowing money from the federal government to ensure that money is provided to those without jobs. 

Today, Where We Live, a conversation about how Connecticut got here and what the plan is moving forward, how we compare to other states, and how small businesses and individuals are being affected. 



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Listener Email from James

Is this an opportunity to rethink our whole approach--to rely on cutting back hours rather than layoffs by lowering the work week to, say, 32 hours per week? This would recognize that technology will continue to barrel ahead, increasing productivity without increasing jobs. Otherwise jobless recoveries seem inevitable.