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WWL: A Time to Serve
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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"If you are willing to give back to your community, we will make sure you can afford a higher education"


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Both state and federal leaders have called for the development of new “service corps” that will put young people to work rebuilding America.

President Obama is supporting legislation that would dramatically expand federal support for civilian service programs such as Americorps. Our own Governor Rell has proposed a Connecticut Civilian Conservation Corps to create jobs for the unemployed and to build local public works projects.

Coming up Where We Live we’ll talk about civic engagement. We’ll look at the impact that large-scale service projects can have on education, infrastructure, ecology, and more. And, we’ll ask – is mandatory civil service next? Join the conversation.



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listener comment from Jack Hale


Connecticut already has one conservation corps in Hartford.  The Green Crew operated by my organization trains and employs at risk young people and recently incarcerated people in traditional green industry work.  In fact our people maintain the grounds of Connecticut Public Broadcasting.  The AmeriCorps funded crew provides steady employment and other stabilizing elements for young people for whom employment opportunities are dismal. 

I've been trying to call in to the program but have had difficulty getting through.  I'm at 860-951-7694.

Jack Hale

Executive Director

Knox Parks Foundation

Public Allies CT

Just a clarification, Public Allies CT caters to a diverse set of candidates including college graduates. In CT, majority of the Allies have a college degree and are placed in leading non-profit organizations in Hartford, New Haven, and Bridgeport. Allies recieve a stipend of $16,500 (more than typical AmeriCorps members), health insurance, and an education award of $4725 after the term of service. Approximately 30% of our Allies are offered a FT/PT job with the nonprofit they were placed and another 25% find employment in the nonprofit sector in CT. Find out more about Public Allies CT at www.publicallies.org.

Like most AmeriCorps funded program, the federal funding only constitutes a percentage of the total budget. Two-thirds of  Public Allies CT's budget is raised locally from private foundations, donors, and sponsoring nonprofit organizations.




Listener Email

I just hope that future programs are well supported not only financially but in terms of managerial support and sufficient numbers of paid staff. I've both worked and volunteered for food banks, county nature preserves, art museums, horticulture centers. Although my experiences were personally enriching, many such nonprofit and service organizations are so poorly managed that they exert great pressure on both volunteers and staff to give overtime effort. The scramble to fulfill (very laudable) organizational objectives often results in rapid staff turnover and volunteer burnout.