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Is Google making us stupid?


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Google Wave goes out to 100,000 preview users today and Google hopes their new tool will change, well, everything. This is the sort of new development that technology writers keep close tabs on…but increasingly their work is more than just reviewing the latest gizmos, or predicting future advances. Today’s tech writing is focused on asking the big questions about how technology affects culture, how it changes who we are, and who we might become.

Steven Johnson edited The Best Technology Writing of 2009, an anthology of essays now out from Yale Press. He joins us today along with some of his contributors to talk about what he calls “this vast new ecosystem” that we all inhabit. As we learn the rules of the digital road, we’re confronted with new questions every day: What to do with bullies online? Is Google making us stupid? Why tweet, anyway

*Steven and Julian will both be in New Haven this afternoon celebrating the launch of the book. They’ll join Danah Boyd and Jack Balkin for a panel discussion called: "Writers on Technology and Everyday Life, a discussion on cell phone novels, games, blogs, bullying and more." That’s today at 4pm at 63 High Street (The Linsley Chittenden Hall Auditorium at Yale.)

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