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WWL: State of Our Cities, John Destefano
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Today we explore the state of New Haven


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In his recent State of the City address, mayor John DeStefano said the state of New Haven is strong - but it’s the national recession that’s holding us back.

Like many of Connecticut's towns, New Haven faces a tough year ahead. A 25-28 million dollar budget hole has they city asking for big concessions from the unions, whose city employees face layoffs if an agreement can't be reached next week.

Meanwhile law enforcement continues to ramp up efforts to curb gun violence in the Elm City---where Tuesday night saw four shootings.

But Mayor DeStefano says its a good time to be in New Haven: Progress in city schools and a building boom downtown are things to cheer about—when a lot of the news seems so gloomy.

Today we're live from our New Haven Studio with Mayor John DeStefano, continuing our series of conversations on the state of Connecticut's cities.

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