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WWL: State of Our Cities, Bridgeport
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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A look at the state of the city of Bridgeport


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Bridgeport is seen by many observers as a city with remarkable opportunities. Positioned near New York City, accessable by rail, road and boat – it could be a center of commerce and culture for Connecticut.

Today on Where We Live – we’ll continue our State of our Cities series with Bill Finch the new mayor of Bridgeport. We’ll talk about the city’s struggles and it’s future.

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Listener Email from Lars

About a year back there was talk of building a light rail public transit system in New Haven. Since then I haven't heard anything about that idea proceeding in New Haven. Is there any chance we might see something like this in Bridgeport? I lived in Germany for a while, and I fell in love with being able to hop on a trolley-type street car and get to where I needed to go. I'm graduating from college this May, and I'd love to stay in CT, but I'm probably going to move someplace that has this type of service. A street car in Bridgeport would be an incentive for me stay in CT and particularly in Bridgeport.

 Wallingford, CT