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The state fiscal crisis and the business community


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As both the state and federal government face fiscal crises, the business community – along with labor - is being asked to make concessions. But what points are they willing to concede? Coming up, John Rathgeber, President and CEO of the Connecticut Business and Industry Association joins us to talk about tax policy, health care reform and the state of business in Connecticut. Join the conversation. Leave questions and comments below.


Listener email from Rosemary

Love your program! I would have liked to have had the opportunity to ask your CBIA guest the following question:

How much better off would our state be right now from a budget deficit perspective if EVERY company based in this state paid its fair share of taxes. There are quite a few billion dollar companies who used to call CT home, but have moved their HQs to third world countries, small islands, etc. Stanley comes to mind.

Thank you.

Listener email from Sal

CBIA will say there should be changes because polling indicates that Americans are fed up with the unsustainable costs of health care.But their changes are essentially cosmetic. CBIA continues to make millions off of small business.The status quo works for them.

Listener email form Hrant

Your guest has, on multiple occasions, referred to the Democratic proposed business tax increase as a $500 billion tax increase. What is the proposed increase in terms of percentages? Using cumulative dollar based figures seems disingenuous.