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Are big sports good business?


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A new professional football team is coming to Hartford. Several groups want to bring back the NHL Whalers. And, there are rumors about Major League Baseball in Connecticut? Yes, no less an expert than Hall of Fame Baseball writer Peter Gammons says that Southern Connecticut could be a new home for the troubled Tampa Bay Rays baseball team – trying to get a new stadium deal in Florida.

Connecticut sports fans have been down that road before – remember the bizarre press conference where owner Bob Kraft and Governor John Rowland shook on a deal to move the New England Patriots to Hartford? It’s all enough to get sports fans dreaming – but when you take off the team hat and giant foam finger, you have to ask, is public investment in sports worth it?

Today, where we live, we’ll talk with sports economist Andrew Zimbalist about the business of sports – and whether now’s the time to be getting in on the game.

And, we’d like to hear from you – are big time sports a big deal in Connecticut?

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