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WWL: Responding to Needs in Africa
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Africa presents many challenges for Westerners looking to help - with healthcare, infrastructure and education


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Today, we'll explore three stories from Africa.  In April, Pfizer reached an agreement to pay millions to settle a criminal case involving drug testing in Nigeria.  The trial of the antibiotic Trovan killed 11 children and harmed scores of others.  The story was first widely told in a series by the Washington Post.  We'll talk to investigative reporter Joe Stephens. 

Then, we'll hear from a nurse who's traveled the world helping victims of medical emergencies with Doctors Without Borders.  She's just returned from Zimbabwe, which is getting over a serious outbreak of Cholera.  

And, we'll talk to Wesleyan students who are planning to build a school for girls in Kenya's largest slum.