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WWL: Reforming Health Care
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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President Obama has proposed to set aside more than 600 Billion dollars for health care in the next decade


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About 80% of Americans say they want health care reform now - but what form will it take?  President Obama wants to spend 600 Billion dollars on health care reform.  By early June, the chairmen of two senate committees have plans to finish legislation that would provide health care coverage to all Americans.  But the drive to change our health care system faces many obstacles - politics, a bad economy, and most of all American's desire for a low cost system that provides choices and innovation.  Are we asking for too much?

Today, Where We Live, we'll talk to health care scholars about "the state of the debate".  

James Morone and Daniel Callahan will be speaking at Yale University April 28, 3-5PM.  The symposium, "Health Care Reform:  The State of the Debate" is free and open to the public.   

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Listener Email from Andrea

In 2005 William McGuire at United Health Group was paid 124,000,00 - over 5 years his pay was 342,000,000 - a large chunk of our health care dollars go to the army of millionaire executives, their six figure assistants and paper pushers in the insurance industry - we'll soon see similar dollars going to the electronic medical record industry, as yet not proven to deliver higher quality or more integrated medical care - Insurance and data industry heads want to get rich, the masses want free care with no life style change required, and most physicians would accept motivated patients, a good night's sleep, and reasonable compensation for being available 24/7, - right now physicians subsidize the care of the uninsured in many cases - we need to eliminate private insurers, focus on education and health maintenance, - and let no one lose a home due to medical debt.

Listener Email from Anna

I agree that we have to give priority the “Quality of Life” vs “Long Life”. One question nobody is mention; What about how much insurances’ executives compensations are? What about 30% of Healthcare Bill on private insurance profit???? That so Immoral! Making money, millions, on being the “middle man” between the doctor and the patient…..My husband is a Primary Care Physician, one of those that love to take care his patients and hate the business side of his profession….

Facebook Comment from Fred

One of the gentlemen mentioned our addiction to technology.

How can we continue to innovate in medicine and fund / direct the development of future technology?

NIH mandated tech development?