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WWL: Ralph Nader's New Novel
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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"Justice can be fun!" -Ralph Nader on Where We Live


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Throughout his career, Ralph Nader has used the written word to take sharp jabs at the status quo. Now, in his new book, he’s still challenging corporate America.

But this time, Nader’s trying something new -- the utopian novel! Actually, he’s not quite sure he’d call his new book a novel. It’s a blend of fiction and reality that he’s termed “a practical utopia.”  The book is called Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us! – and it employs a sort of “Justice League” of billionaire superheroes, like Ted Turner, Warren Buffett, Yoko Ono and Ross Perot.

These super-rich Americans start a movement to transform the country into a more perfect union; But how much is fact, how much is fiction, and how much is just far-fetched? Today, where we live, a conversation with Ralph Nader.

Do you think it takes the big money of billionaires to make change? Does Ralph Nader’s utopia fit YOUR vision of the future?  Leave your questions and comments below.


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Hurrah! I am energized by the creative forces at play. True ... JUSTICE CAN BE FUN!  Humor and satire rule the Changes that are upon us. I applaud the way this is coming to the attention of the people... Thank you for serving the greater good.