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Parents who are concerned about their children's education are trying to take control - in the cities and the suburbs


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Parents who are concerned about their children’s education are trying to take control – in the cities and the suburbs.

First, The Black and Puerto Rican caucus has proposed a bill that creates a “parent trigger” for failing schools. The legislation would allow parents whose children attend a school that has failed to make adequate yearly progress for three consecutive years under the federal “no child left behind” law to petition for changes in the school, which range from replacing teachers to closing the school.

We’ll hear from the suburb of Avon, where some parents are actually asking for higher taxes to maintain school services. Parents and community members staged an unprecedented rally in the town last night.

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Listener Email from Eric

My concern is the option where a school would close and reopen as a charter school. Under current law, the legislature can't tell a charter school which students to take. So you could have a situation where a school in Hartford with 400 students closes under parent trigger and reopens as a charter school. The new charter school would likely only take 100 students which are chosen by lottery from the surrounding communities. The end result being that 300 or more of the students that went to that public school now will have no school to go to. What is the legislature doing to ensure this doesn't happen.

Eric B.
Hartford, CT

Parents Empowering Parents

On March 31st, The State of Black Ct Alliance had the US Dept of Education Alberto Retana, Director of Outreach visit CT communities and the Feds discussed about certain federal dollars that require Charter schools to take ALL children. 

Secondly, CT has 185 low peforming schools, 96 of them over 5 years.  Some of these are like dungeons and the environments are not conducive to learning, unhealthy and unsanitary conditions.  Should a PARENT & CHILD be forced to attend school there?  Teachers and Principals can choose to leave but what do children and families do?  

The Parent Trigger just gives parents the power to improve upon the educational instituitions when all others fail to do so!

Parents and Youth are the CONSUMERS of this product called school yet they have NO decision making power to improve their educational conditions.

This is an historical moment in CT history where the STATE and business leaders are talking about the consumers(parents and Youth) not just themselves.  Adults need to have "what is best for children" conversations versus what is best ONLY for themselves..the adults.

Check out Harding High School In Bridgeport and tell me that this 1925 year old school is the Childrens FAULT!! 

As a parent, if I have to choose between drinking spoiled milk glass A or spoiled milk glass B then at least give me, the consumer, the power to improve the pasteurization process to ensure I can possibly get a healthy glass of Milk C 

Note:Higher levels of education equal better community, higher employment, lower taxes, stronger businesses, and less crime