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WWL: No Re-election for Rell
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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After 25 years in public life, Governor Jodi Rell says "It's time" and she won't run for re-election


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After 25 years in public life, Governor Jodi Rell says “It’s time…” and she won’t run for re-election.

The governor’s announcement shocked some – and didn’t surprise others – who’d been awaiting her decision for months. Rell’s popularity had been in decline during the state’s fiscal crisis, and a long battle over the budget with Democrats…but for Jodi Rell, decline means a 64 percent approval rating in today’s Quinnipiac Poll, and a lead on Democratic challengers – if she had decided to run.

Today, where we live, a look at the impending end of one of the Connecticut’s most successful political careers – and what it means for the expanding field of candidates.

Join the conversation – what’s Governor Jodi Rell’s legacy? What do you want out of the next governor?

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Listener Email from Gordon

How can you not challenge this morning's Republican statement they stand for freedom, accountability and responsibility? Republican's tell us who to love, who to marry, shift local autonomy to national treaties, hide the atrocities of Iraq. The list goes on. If anything, Republicans' have shown irresponsibility and willingness to involve themselves private matters.

As for last week's election, it is hyperbole, at best, for Republican's to claim a mandate.