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A look at national security in the Obama administration


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Among the many tough tasks of the new Obama administration is a remaking of the nation's intelligence, military and law enforcement infrastructure.

It's a big task - especially since the webs of the Pentagon, the CIA and the FBI have gotten so tangled in the last 8 years.  

Today, Where We Live - we'll discuss what the new President is inheriting from the Bush Administration, and what the vision is for protecting the U.S.  Already President Obama has moved to shut the controversial Guantanemo Bay detention facility, and has chosen a former Clinton aide with no direct intelligence background as his new CIA chief.

We'll be talking with a panel of experts - Scott Bates of the Center for National Policy, Christopher Kukk, a former CIA agent who teaches Political Science at Western Connecticut State University, and Mike German, a 16 year veteran of the FBI - who now works for the ACLU.

Join the conversation!  Add your questions, suggestions and comments below. 


World Affairs Council Security Series: “National Security in the Age of Obama” With Scott Bates

12:00–1:30 p.m., Mark Twain House Visitors Center, $15 Members/$25 Nonmembers

Sandwich lunch provided

For more information: www.worldaffairscouncils.org

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