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WWL: Muzzling the Watchdog?
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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George Gombossy on his exit from the Hartford Courant


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Consumer watchdog George Gombossy was recently fired from the Hartford Courant for “refusing to be nice to major advertisers”, although the Courant disputes that claim. Coming up, we’ll talk to Gombossy about the role of consumer advocates – and we’ll explore the ethics and the conflict of interest between advertising and journalism in newspapers.

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Listener email from TS

Good Morning --  suggestion for Gombossy interview today-- On his blog he  has indicated that the State of Connecticut and a Casino were on the list of KEY advertisers he was instructed to seek pre-publication approval for any critical info. This is a very serious charge and perhaps even a bigger story even than his departure. Headlines like  "CT's Two Largest Employers on List of Courant's Untouchables"  or "Courant News Staff Warned on Negative Coverage of State Government or Casino".... etc... Can you ask him to elaborate and talk about the list -- and it's real impact accross the news operation.  Are there untouchables?

George Gombossy

The Courant has finally hit an all-time low.  Whatever happened to freedom of speech???  The consumers in Connecticut are entitled to know when a company like Sleepy's is defrauding them, selling them less than quality merchandise, etc.  George was only doing his job.  Shame on the Courant for trying to hid something so very important.  And shame on them for putting $$$$$$$$ over the truth.  I'll never read that rag again and I worked for them for 6 years!!!!  And I willl allso never buy anything from Sleepy's.  Hang in there, George, stand your ground.  We're rooting for you!!!