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WWL: The Music Industry's New Groove
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Making and accessing music has never been easier.


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In a 2002 New York Times article, David Bowie said that “music itself is going to become like running water or electricity….it doesn’t matter if you think it’s exciting or not; it’s what is going to happen.” Now, seven years later, the music industry has continued its rapid metamorphosis. Often referred to as an industry in crisis, coming up Where We Live, we’ll be talking with writers and innovators who say the business of making music has never been better. Ignore the closed up Virgin MegaStore in cities across the country—listening to and making music is still big business. David Kusek, author of The Future of Music: Manifestor for the Digital Music Revolution joins us to talk about the new truths that govern the music world.  Also, The founders of Pandora and TuneCore chime in and we'll be joined in-studio by  WNPR’s own Anthony Fantano.

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Listener email from Fred

Wow, this is difficult...... it's funny, I've been buying CDs and even vinyl at the same rate as before. Though there are so many outlets now for music. I still do not / have not purchased a virtual piece of music, it's too vaporous / low quality for me. NPR is a major source of my new music... the interludes are a favorite, also WeSat, WeSun. Reading through traditional print media JazzTimes, DownBeat, newspapers etc... turns me on to potential bands. I still rely on radio and am a listener / member of a fantastic NPR affilliate WFUV here in the NY metro area. I have not found a critic(s) I can tru$t and plunk down funds for just a song. If I do find a new band or name, I ALWAYS check with my library first and try to borrow and or listen to their music first before purchase.

For computer streaming I use http://www.facebook.com/l/;Slacker.com plug in a fav artist and see what happens. I do visit music store(s) Sally's Place, Voted #1 of Fairfield County quite a bit and hard purchase CDs, used vinyls."


Listener email from Benjamin

I think that the failing of the music industry is hopefully a big paradigm shift. Music is not being perceived as a commodity, but as an art, or an extension of one's own creativity. I think that if music is not viewed as something one can make money with, but instead what one can express themselves with, is a very healthy thing.

I just want to point out that almost all your callers were disputed by your guests. Maybe this is a sign of the more creative public radio audience, maybe its a sign of the experts not connecting with the general consensus.

Thank you, Benjamin Klein (experimental tuba player)

Great show...

Great show today - covered both the ups AND the downs for today's recording artists - and listeners, too! 

Special kudos for getting Dave Kusek on!

My site: http://four.markmarshall.com

(And I'm a big fan of album art too... sorely missed.)

Thanks again,