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WWL: To the Moon!
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Forty years ago today, human beings stepped on the lunar surface


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Forty years ago today, human beings stepped on the lunar surface – it was the culmination of a “space race” – that’s never recovered it’s urgency.

As we celebrate the success of Apollo 11 – many wonder if we’ve forgotten about the frontier of space. The Obama administration is looking closely at the NASA plan to return to the moon by 2020, and wondering if it can sell the cost to the American people.

Meanwhile, the three-man crew of the original moon mission plan to lobby the President to get the space program in gear – and start planning for Mars.

Today, where we live – we’ll look back at what the lunar landing meant to you. And, we’ll look ahead at what should be the next voyage into space.

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Listener Email from Chris

I am a 23 year old history student / soldier in the US Army. After hearing the memories of those who witnessed the moon landing I am jealous and saddened that I may not be granted such a great memory. It's a great way to motivate the people of the US and all around the world when we aim to and achieve such tremendous feats. I would love to see man kind make it to Mars, lets go!

Listener Email from Peter

As the LEM was decending slowly to the Moon's surface, I was speeding back from Harrisburg to my high school girlfriend's (who is still my wife) house in Meriden. Just as the LEM settled on the surface, I arrived in her driveway. We watched the "first step" under her Father's watchful eye. On that day our role models were scientists, explorers and intellectuals. The Space Program led to computers, calculators, super glue, thousands of jobs and countless inspirations. Earth Day and the environmental movement started with that picture of the Earth as a blue marble in a sea of space. Now, THAT'S stimulating!

Listener Email from Jessica

Unfortunately, the most memorable part of the space program for people my age (28), is the Challenger Explosion. The moon landing is just a grainy image on tv to us. As the population ages and my generation is the one making the decisions, the space program will become a tougher sell to the public.


Howdy......Its' not a question of impossibility, but mostly probable. ftl-net (faster than light-non exhaust thrust) space-craft will be built.  Can you picture any of the worlds governments in control of such a machine? Instead of a horn of plenty, it becomes a machine that delivers death and depravation. Yet they will have it. There are many ways for propulsion, someone will be a traitor and patent it. Then every countrys' government in the world will build them. It should be privately owned. Many different systems, many different owners. Yet that is not possible for some, rather not give onto the tribalist and sectarians more spears, for their blood lust rampage. Let them steal your last dollar, and regulate you so that you are a ward of the state. Remember help support terrorism and terrorist, help support gangsterism, coruption and graft, help support the socialist-communist one world--defeat Life, Liberty, And Freedom.....Vote Democrate.....especially so said, two Acorn members on Cnn, said one"I voted over 100 time" and the other said"I only voted 89 times".....That is true. Protect your only lifeline left, validate the honesty of the vote, people and machinery. You restore the country to what is truly should and ought to be, American Capitalism (Laissez-faire), and I will patent my private work. With me being only one of hundreds that would, were it safe to do so. ........yo....every dollar spent on NASA has returned at least seven dollars back to mankind.  NASA is the Fountainhead of ideas for America....that is why obummer and his democrates want to destroy it. As they did shutting down the moon forty years ago. America, or Americans are not to be successful....so says obummer and all of his democrates (socialists,etc).  Keep on using exhust thrust, carry your fuel, go to the moon, mars, asteriods, etc., but don't ask for the stars with ftl-net. At least so from me. Others will...