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Where We Vote: Merrick Alpert
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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A conversation with Senate hopeful Merrick Alpert


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Merrick Alpert got into a race for Senate against a weakened political giant. Now, that giant has left the race…is Merrick still in?  Today we kick off our 2010 series of election conversations. We’re calling it Where We Vote. We’ll be talking to the candidates for the major statewide offices and our congressional seats, and we start with upstart Democrat Merrick Alpert.

His run against incumbent Chris Dodd was capitalizing on the Senator’s plummeting popularity, but with Dodd’s withdrawal from the race this week, Alpert’s run just became a bit more uphill. He’ll now face Richard Blumenthal – Attorney General and incredibly popular Democratic mainstay.

Today, Where We Live, we’ll find out why Merrick Alpert’s making this run for Senate, what he says he’ll bring to the campaign…and where he stands on the issues.

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